The daydreams businessmodel – a concept of Freedreams GmbH

With the daydreams concept Freedreams  offers his country partners by using a stabile base, a business model to built up a successful business in the country where it's active. 

Freedreams has many years of experience entrepreneurs experience with the daydreams concept in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Czech republic, Poland, Slovakia and further countries, and offers extensive support, which will secure the growth of his country licence partners. Freedreams has over 30 years of experience in the sales & marketing of hotel vouchers and side products using offline-, and online channels. 

Freedreams is a daughter company of the media concern Hubert Burda Media and part of the BurdaDirect Gruppe


This is Freedreams

The concept

Freedreams BV is the owner and European licence keeper of  the daydreams concept. 

Our partners

Freedreams is owner of the daydreams brand and sells her products through local partners in Europe.


More information about the successes of Freedreams as an organization and her history.