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daydreams products in B2B

In the B2B sector (as well as in the B2C) daydreams products are in circulation through many different channels. 

For many country partners the B2B channel is an important way for generating new address data. In the call centers, these new leads will be used to acquire new customers.
Successful B2B actions provide many new addresses, part of which can be transformed into long-term customers.

Here you can see some examples of the ways country partners use B2B sales channels. Freedreams will gladly support you when looking for B2B contacts!

With daydreams you offer unforgettable moments and add to a better work-life-balance. Let your employees enjoy a short holiday - it contributes to even better performances.

  • Employee gifts
  • Jubilees
  • Incentives
  • Special discounts for employees

Loyal customers are important for long-term company results. Welcome bonuses are useful instruments for building strong relationships with customers. Loyalty actions, gifts, and privilege cards are useful for maintaining mutual loyalty.

  • Incentive new customers
  • Customers recruite customers
  • Contract closure
  • Subscriptions

Raise your turnover with special actions that stimulate sales. Beside selling your products you can ensure an enthusiastic and emotional bond with your customers.

  • Lotteries
  • Free stays
  • Editorial contributions
  • Incentives

Reward your customers for their loyalty and create a long-term relation to your company - with a daydreams gift. That way you distinguish yourself from your competitors and you offer your customers something very special and emotional.

  • Upselling incentives
  • Loyalty promotion
  • Birthdays
  • Friends recruite friends

Make use of customers willing to take a chance and raffle attractive daydreams products. With holiday experiences you will raise attention for your product and create an emotional bond with your customer.
Some examples for raffles:

  • Hotel vouchers
  • Annual cards
  • Short trips
  • Consumption vouchers