The daydreams concept: simply brilliant


The idea that daydreams is based on, is both surprisingly simple and extraordinary: it focuses on the differences in utilisation factors of hotel capacities and their smart exploitation.

With daydreams, customers can take advantage of favourable conditions in the hotel when they book a regular half board arrangement - for 100 % holiday enjoyment and without concessions regarding quality!

Explanation of the daydreams concept

With our daydreams products we have enabled our customers to book unused hotel capacities under very favourable conditions. This way you save money and take advantage of a smart exploitation.

Your advantage is obvious: With your daydreams product the overnight stay has already been paid for. Customers only pay for breakfast and dinner in the hotel. After their journey, satisfied customers will be contacted for a quality review of their stay. This contact can also be used as a means of selling new hotel vouchers or for joining the "club" as an annual member. 

This is how our country partners build up their customer databases and how more and more customers in Europe become "daydreamers". Keep building your success with our successful concept!

Want to learn more about the daydreams concept?

The daydreams concept is being put on the market in new countries, with Europe getting priority the next couple of years.

To achieve that, we are looking for new country partners that will help us open up new countries for the daydreams concept.

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